Challenges Facing our Teams on the Front Lines

As we move into a critical phase of the COVID-19 outbreak in Quebec, with numbers of infected people fast increasing, I am writing once again to seek your support.

Our Critical Care teams at the Montreal General Hospital are on the front lines, working around the clock to deal with the rising tide of patients affected by COVID-19. Our Emergency Room has been transformed into a COVID-19 centre, with our ER team working closely with the Isolation Unit and Intensive Care Unit teams at the MGH, to care for the most badly-affected patients.

An all-weather triage tent has been set up outside ER, to avoid the need to triage COVID-19 patients inside the ER itself, with the risks to other frail patients and staff this would entail. New protocols have also been established to minimize the risk of transmission.

The challenge our teams are facing is substantial. So are the needs they have outlined to us.  They urgently need new monitoring equipment, respiration and intubation equipment, communication equipment, masks, and even food and coffee for their front line team members on long shifts.

The stress on our frontline staff is immense. They too have family members they want to protect from this virus. So please, together, let’s do what we can to show them our support. Please make your donation today.

Let our medical teams know that we are here for them, while they are giving so much to care for our loved ones who are sick because of this pandemic. Together, let’s get them the resources they need to face this daunting challenge.

I Want To Support Our Medical Teams

Thank you

Jean-Guy Gourdeau
President & CEO
Montreal General Hospital Foundation

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