First Edition of the Soirée en Or Gala Raises $1.9M for Lung, Esophageal & Stomach Cancers

On November 4th, the Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the Cedars Cancer Foundation joined forces to co-host the first edition of the Soirée en or Gala, at La Gare Viger, benefiting the Program for Innovative Therapeutics in Chest and Esophago-Gastric Cancers. The inaugural black tie event, which attracted over 375 guests, raised $1.9M for the improvement of care and treatments for patients afflicted by these devastating cancers.

Thoracic cancers represent a major international health issue. Lung cancer accounts for more deaths worldwide than any other cancer, and esophageal/upper stomach cancers are the fastest rising malignancies in North America.

“These cancers generally have a poor prognosis, with five-year survival rates of between 15% and 20%.” explains Dr. Lorenzo Ferri, Director of the Division of Thoracic Surgery and the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Program at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH). “However, there have been remarkable advances in the treatment of lung and esophageal/gastric cancer over the past five to ten years, and we take pride in the fact that our surgeons, oncologists and physicians have contributed directly and significantly to many of them.”

“In some cases, we are now able to remove cancer cells through the mouth” Dr. Ferri adds. “Instead of doing a large incision in the abdomen and the chest to take out the esophagus and the stomach, we can remove the cancer through a new treatment called endoscopic submucosal dissection. We were the first hospital in North America to perform this technique, and today we are the largest and most productive program in North America.”

With its supra-regional mandate, the Division of Thoracic Surgery and the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Program at the MGH provides comprehensive care to Lung, Esophagus and Stomach Cancer patients residing on the McGill RUIS (Réseau universitaire intégré de santé) territory and is home to the largest and most comprehensive esophageal and gastric cancer program in Canada. It is the only program in the province to receive the Minister of Health’s Level 4 designation for Lung Cancer, and as a result it offers the highest level of integrated patient care, research, and education in Quebec. The Division of Thoracic Surgery and the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Program at the MGH also manages a wide range of thoracic and upper gastro-intestinal conditions of both benign and malignant origins.

“By working together,” indicates Dr. Armen Aprikian, Chair of the MUHC Cancer Mission, “we are able to provide patients suffering from lung, esophagus and stomach cancers from Montreal as well as regions across Quebec and Eastern Canada with cutting-edge care. Leading and innovative surgical procedures for these diseases, within the Rossy Cancer Network (RCN) and the McGill Health Administrative Region which covers over 50% of the province, are conducted solely at the MGH, while state-of-the-art systematic treatments, targeted personalized and supportive care are provided by the multidisciplinary Radio-Oncology, Medical Oncology and Palliative and Supportive Care teams at the Cedars Cancer Centre.”

Thanks to Soirée en or, the gala resulting from an outstanding collaboration between The Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the Cedars Cancer Foundation, patients suffering from lung, stomach and esophageal cancers will benefit from precision medicine and personalised care. The Foundations wish to highlight the sponsors and partners who generously supported the first edition of this event: Power Corporation of Canada, Nova Steel, Redbourne, the Jarislowsky Fraser Partners Foundation, the Mark & Lisa Smith Family, The Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation, the Rossy Family Foundation, Air Canada, TVM Capital, Ivanhoé Cambridge, BMO and the McCarthy Tétrault Foundation.

About the Program for Innovative Therapeutics in Chest and Esophago-Gastric Cancers
The Program for Innovative Therapeutics in Chest and Esophago-Gastric Cancers is committed to developing and bringing patients the latest in cancer treatment options. Its team delivers cutting-edge care to patients suffering from lung, esophagus, and stomach cancers, from Montreal as well as regions across Quebec and Eastern Canada.

The Program has three fundamental platforms. It generates device and technique driven surgical innovations, changing the way procedures are generally done to reduce impacts on patients’ quality of life. It also innovates in the way care is delivered to patients, insuring they get the support they need from every member of the Thoracic surgery team. Last but not least, the Program is based on precision medicine care, resulting from looking at the precise molecular and genetic mutations within a single person’s cancer cells and designing new treatments, specifically for that person; in other words, completely personalized care, targeting the mutations rather than the cancer.

About the Montreal General Hospital Foundation
The Montreal General Hospital Foundation’s mission is to provide vital support for vital care. The Foundation is mandated to efficiently raise money, manage funds responsibly, and invest wisely in healthcare research, training and technology at the Montreal General Hospital, the McGill University Health Centre and more broadly, within the McGill academic health network. It works in close partnership with donors and dedicated collaborators to raise awareness and foster excellence in vital care to all patients, present and future.

About the Cedars Cancer Foundation
The Cedars Cancer Foundation is a hospital-based charity whose mission is to provide comprehensive cancer care for all cancer patients – pediatric, adolescent and young adult, adults and those in palliative care – who are being treated at the McGill University Health Centre. As a result of its fundraising efforts the Cedars Cancer Foundation supports exceptional patient care, purchases state-of-the-art equipment, funds patient-support programs, builds and sustains awareness of cancer-related issues and Invests in cancer research, patient education and professional training.

For more information on Soirée en or and the Program for Innovative Therapeutics in Chest and Esophago-Gastric Cancers, please contact Sylvie Riendeau, Director Marketing & Communications: sriendeau@mghfoundation.com 514-934-1934 ext. 43732

First Edition of the Soirée en Or Gala

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