Les Belles Sœurs – A Family Committed to Women’s Mental Health

Overcoming any ordeal — physical or psychological — requires the support of loved ones. For mental health disorders, family plays an even more important role in facilitating dialogue and eliminating stigma.

The women of the Lavoie family understand that a unified family means constant support and attentive listening. Today, they owe their good health to their incredible luck, and they want to do their part for women suffering from mental health disorders.

No family is immune to disorders, personal tragedy, family breakdown, and career pressure. The Lavoie family though, credits their ability to cope and to thrive to each other and the core values of generosity and respect handed down to them by their parents.

“Even close families have trouble discussing challenges with mental illness. But this family has an extraordinary bond. I have witnessed how care for each other can heal,” says Jane Hope, Board Member of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, and Team Captain of Les Belles Soeurs.

“I had anxiety in my teens. Back then there was not much help to turn to, nobody knew much about anxiety, but we scrambled for help as a family. So this event means a lot to me. I want to be able to help women of all ages getting the help they need,” explains Marie-Claude Lavoie.

Les Belles Sœurs regroups three generations of women from the Lavoie family, who walked side-by-side in the Pharmaprix AIMEZ.VOUS. Run for Women, in the Old Port of Montreal on June 4, 2017.


By participating in Run for Women, they hope to help broaden the discussion about mental health, raise money for the Montreal General Hospital Foundation and support the hospital’s programs for women’s mental health.

The Montreal General Hospital provides emergency intervention for people battling mental illness. It also offers special care and programs dedicated to women suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and reproductive cycle difficulties among other illnesses. The Hospital’s Mental Health Mission recognizes the role of family support in positive outcomes.

Thanks to their impressive determination, Les Belles Sœurs have raised over $15,000 for the cause!

Join the movement!

The Pharmaprix AIMEZ.VOUS. Run for Women is a fun event, open to everyone who wants to walk or run. The experience includes a 5k or 10k race, and a special 1k race for children. There are plenty of great reasons to come out with your family, friends, or by yourself!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: 514-934-8230.

About Les Belles Soeurs

Margaret Cuddihy, retired Judge, Commission des Lésions Professionnelles; Michele Cherbaka, retired RN, Jewish General Hospital; Caroline Labelle-Dion, Sales Manager, Holt Renfrew; Marie-Claude Ally, Flight Attendant, Air Canada; Marie-Claude Lavoie, Promotions Manager, Dermtek Pharmaceuticals; Genevieve Lavoie, Freelance Marketing Manager; Jen Wende, Wellness Specialist; Brenda Lavoie, President, Bazooka Design; Charlotte Lavoie, Student; Jane Hope, retired, co-founder TAXI Advertising (Board Member of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation); Catherine Paradis-Lavoie, Medical Representative, Bioderma.