Our Volunteers: An Invaluable Resource

At the hospital, volunteers can be identified by the blue and red shirts they proudly wear. During our events, sometimes they blend into the crowd, other times they stand out in their colourful uniforms. But regardless of the situation, they are always recognizable because of their smile, patience and generosity.

Richard is one of these volunteers. He has a contagious smile and started volunteering at the Montreal General Hospital after his friend was in an accident. Since then, Richard has worked with the medical staff to help make patients more comfortable during their stay.

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, April 23 to 29, 2017, Ipsos Canada released a series of statistics revealing the importance of volunteering in Canada. The data shows that most Canadians feel that the economy and society would suffer without the work of volunteers. This is not surprising as close to 13 million people donate their time every year to a cause or an organization that is important to them.

The survey also confirms that citizens are engaged in their communities: 30% of respondents said they had volunteered in the past year and 50% said they had made financial donations.

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation would like to recognize the exemplary work of its volunteers who, sometimes through the simplest actions, contribute to the smooth running of the hospital.

Thank you to everyone who so graciously donates their time!

Would you like to donate your time as a volunteer to the Montreal General Hospital? Contact the volunteer office at 514-934-1934, extension 43008.