Our Team

Jean-Guy Gourdeau
President & CEO

Julie Denis
Vice President Finance & Administration

Stephanie Riddell
Vice President Development

Sylvie Riendeau
Vice President Marketing & Communications

Alexander King
Senior Director, Development

Kathryn Stephens
Stewardship Officer

Camille Lemay
Marketing & Communications Advisor

Perrine Punelle
Direct Marketing Specialist

Isabelle Sokolnicka
Advisor, Digital Marketing Communication

Alysa Batzios
Development Officer

Gina Steszyn
Manager, Corporate Sponsorship and Community Engagement

Lauren Casey
Coordinator, Events & Community Engagement

Mohammad Amirzad
Financial Analyst

Jocelyne Poliquin
Financial Controller

Alexandre Paquette
Business Intelligence and IT System Specialist

Simone Turbide
Financial Coordinator

Anna Angerillo
Administrative Assistant

Anne Christine Sylvestre
Administrative Assistant