How to Donate?

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation has been the recipient of extraordinary community support over many decades. This allows us to:

  • purchase new equipment,
  • to finance research and
  • to support multiple projects aimed at improving patient care.

We provide many innovative and simple ways for our donors to contribute to these medical and scientific developments. Most are listed below, but we are also open to other methods of donation. If you would like to discuss this with a member of our team, please contact us directly at info@mghfoundation.com.

To learn more about the impact of your generous donations in the past, please visit Our Priorities: The Future of Surgery, Personalized Cancer Care, Healthy Living, Trauma Care, Clinical Research and Mental Health.

Annual Giving

Annual donations are the cornerstone of our fundraising program and they support excellence in patient care, teaching and research on an ongoing basis. We are immensely grateful to all our annual donors, many of whom choose to increase their donation each year.  

Monthly Donations

Monthly donations are increasingly popular with our donors for several reasons: smaller monthly amounts are easier to integrate into a budget, they are flexible, and they are also pre-programmed, which means you don’t have to fill out multiple donation forms! To learn more about the many benefits of monthly donations, please click here. 

Tribute Gifts

Memorial donations serve as a wonderful tribute to a beloved family member, colleague or friend. These gifts provide tangible benefits to patient services throughout the Hospital. Gifts may also be made in honour of birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays, graduations, employment milestones and other accomplishments, or in appreciation. Some of our donors have chosen to make special donations in honour of their weddings.

The General Store

Show patients at the MGH that you care by purchasing one or more Comfort Kits. Purchase Dr. Mulder’s or Dr. Gold’s books. You can support the MGH Foundation simply by making a purchase at our General Store (get it?).

Star Recognition Program

The Star recognition program gives those who wish to do so a way to thank and express their appreciation to the doctors, nurses and all other staff at the Hospital. Your honoree will receive your message of gratitude and a Star pin, for all donations over $50.

Shares Donations

Benefits of donating through shares and public securities:

  • Giving back to the healthcare community through a major gift
  • You become one of the Montreal General Hospital’s most prestigious, major supporters
  • Donations through this approach are tax-exempt for capital gains. The full market value of the public securities goes to the actual cause and the donation receipt is based on the market value of the securities donated.

Should you wish to commit to a donation of shares, please contact us at 514-934-8230.
To complete your donation of share, please fill out this form.

Governor Program

Governors represent our most committed donors. With their donation of $250 or more annually, they play a critical role in helping the Hospital meet its priority needs for equipment, research and special programs. As a Governor, you will receive exclusive invites to events at the MGH and you will be recognized in our annual report.

Legacy Gifts

There are many ways to create a lasting legacy through charitable giving to the Montreal General Hospital Foundation.

Many of our donors generously choose to include the Montreal General Hospital in their will. You can give or “bequeath” cash, securities, RRIF or RRSP funds, life insurance, or other property to the Foundation. As a result, you can ensure you will have a lasting impact on healthcare, and your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt that can reduce or even eliminate estate taxes.

If you decide to make a gift using any of these tools, be sure to consult with your lawyer, accountant, financial planner, broker, and/or insurer and let us know. We appreciate the chance to recognize your generosity, thank you properly, and talk about what you’d like to achieve with your gift.

Please contact Catherine St-André, Director, Gift and Estate Planning, for more information: cst-andre@mghfoundation.com or 514-934-8230.


Pledge Donations

Should you wish to commit to a pledge donation, please contact us with the following information:
•Donor name and address
•Pledged amount
•Payment schedule
•Designation of funds (by department or to the Hospital’s Greatest Needs)


Donating online on our website is easy, fast and secure. However, if you wish to donate using another method, you may do so by mail, email, phone or fax.
Telephone: (514) 934-8230
Fax: 514-937-7683
Email: info@mghfoundation.com

Please complete this form and make cheques payable to:
The Montreal General Hospital Foundation (MGHF)
1650 Cedar Ave., Room E6-129
Montreal, QC H3G 1A4

Please note that charitable donations are tax deductible and receipts will be provided for tax purposes.