200th Anniversary of the Montreal General Hospital

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Montreal General Hospital (MGH), a pioneer institution of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) that has served the population faithfully through sweeping changes in the Quebec healthcare landscape. This milestone also coincides with the bicentennial celebrations of McGill University. Both institutions are linked by an interesting historical fact: it is the Montreal General Hospital’s founding physicians who established the university’s first academic unit – Canada’s first faculty of medicine – in 1829.

To mark this important anniversary, several activities will be organized throughout the year, starting with a large-scale virtual exhibition launched on March 31st. Created by the Art and Heritage Centre of the MUHC and the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, the virtual exhibit is a journey through 200 years of hospital history, medical innovation and exceptional individuals and teams.


For the past 200 years, the Montreal General Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre has occupied a special place in service to the city, from its modest beginnings as a community-run shelter to its present status as a tertiary-quaternary care facility in a leading academic health centre. The resilience of its teams is a reflection of the finest qualities we hope to see in our healthcare institutions. Today, as the city continues to manage a pandemic, the Montreal General Hospital’s proud and distinguished heritage reminds us that we come out of periods of hardship with renewed strength and purpose, and with our fundamental values and principles intact.
Pierre Gfeller, MD CM, MBA, President and Executive Director, McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

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