Last Call for Motherhood

Lyne’s story resembles that of so many other women of her generation. She was 35 when she met her spouse. He was a little over 40 and had two children from a previous relationship. Though they suspected they might need help to have a child, they were far from thinking they would have to go through three insemination cycles, three in vitro treatments and several miscarriages.

After extensive tests and resorting to experimental antibody treatments administered by Dr. Genest’s team, a fourth in vitro treatment was successful. A healthy pregnancy followed, and the couple is happy to say that their 18-month-old daughter is in good health. To date, she has never even had the flu!

“Dr. Genest’s research project allowed me to give birth to a little miracle. I could not be more thankful for the hospital and the people who made this dream possible.” – Lyne Thivierge, a patient of the Montreal General Hospital and now a proud mother