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Newsletter, December 16th, 2020

Putting an End to Cancer

Thanks to your support, the Montreal General Hospital Thoracic Surgery team has become a world leader in the development of hyper-personalized cancer treatments.

Last year, we presented Dr. Cools-Lartigue and Dr. Spicer’s research on organoids and immunotherapy to treat lung, esophageal and stomach cancers. This year, under the leadership of Dr. Lorenzo Ferri, they wish to embark on the next chapter of their research, which will enable them to offer increasingly effective and personalized treatments: organs on a chip. This revolutionary process is explained on this page.

Haply Wins the CODE LiFE Ventilator Challenge

The Challenge was officially launched earlier in 2020 with a two-week sprint to design a low-cost, simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-build ventilator that could serve patients suffering from COVID-19. More than 2,600 registrations were received, representing over 1,000 teams from 94 countries.

After several rounds of analysis and in-depth reviews, the concept developed by Haply, a Montreal-based team, was chosen as winner! Their ventilator will be produced for less than $1,000 and will benefit patients in low-and middle-income countries. Congratulations to Haply and thank you to the partners, sponsors and donors who made this pursuit of innovation possible!

Continuing to Make Research a Priority

COVID-19 has caused quite an upheaval in our health care system, but despite the turmoil of the past few months and all the resources allocated to the fight against this virus, we continued to support our other priorities, including research.

Once again this year, thanks to the support of our generous donors, we were able to award more than $1.6 million in grants to fund research projects that are as diverse as they are fascinating. Thank you all for your support and congratulations to the recipients, you have much to be proud of!

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