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Réjean was hunting with his brother in a remote corner of Abitibi when the accident happened. His brother’s firearm got caught in a branch. The shot fired. Réjean’s tibia and perineum shattered. Amputation seemed unavoidable.

A surgeon at the Montreal General Hospital and a specialist in orthopaedic traumatology, Dr. Bernstein offered Réjean the chance to embark on what he called “his project”: to grow back his leg bone, millimetre by millimetre, using a screw-based device.

Since bone is one of the tissues in the human body that can regenerate, Dr. Bernstein can regrow up to one millimetre of bone every day using prosthetics and surgeries.

Today, Réjean is active again. On his two legs. Thanks to Dr. Bernstein and thanks to you.

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