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Medical Programs

The Injury Prevention Program

The Injury Prevention Program’s goal is to decrease risky behaviour and traumatic injury. It promotes prevention through collaborative partnerships, presentations, workshops, kiosks, campaigns and community events. High schools from the Greater Montreal area are invited to partake in an educational tour of the Dr. David S. Mulder Trauma Centre. The tour includes interactive lessons given …

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The Traumatic Brain Injury Program

Specializing in acute neurotrauma and early rehabilitation, the MGH multidisciplinary Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program treats over 1300 inpatients and outpatients each year from Montreal, Montérégie and northern Quebec. It closely follows them from their admission to their discharge and has a rigorous protocol to ensure the most appropriate aftercare. It also ensures the continuity …

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Recovery Transition Program

The Recovery Transition Program is aimed at improving patients’ experiences through their trajectory of care and enhancing long-term recovery by reducing relapses and readmissions, while improving quality of life. This is achieved by creating a new program of services –delivered by trained volunteer Peer Mentors – that supports recovery and promotes self-management practices among patients …

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Music Therapy Program

When used by professional therapists in all of its facets, music has the ability to heal. At the MGH, music is used to connect with patients of the Mental Health Mission. Through regular sessions, patients get to access their emotions, express their feelings, and open new doors to healing. Le groupe MusiArt was created at …

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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

The goal of surgery is to provide an effective and durable solution to a clinical problem. Unfortunately, the “cost” of surgery to the patient is the recovery phase during which the patient is limited in function and troubled by the fatigue and pain that usually accompany surgery. The goal of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery …

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The Peri Operative Program

The Peri Operative Program (POP) relies on a simple concept: the better shape you are in going into surgery, the faster your recovery will be after surgery. The program is based on three pillars: exercise, nutrition and psychological care. Patients who are referred to the clinic get access to a nutritionist, a kinesiologist and a …

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