Many Ways to Give

There are many ways to give and make your wishes happen!

As we approach year-end, we take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our donors who have supported us and who continue to support our important initiatives.

For those who have not yet made their contribution or for those who wish to support us in additional ways, there is still time to give! We value the support of our donors and below we offer a few options to help you make your donation:

  • You can send in your donation by cheque to the MGH Foundation at 1650 Cedar Avenue, Room E6 129, Montreal QC H3G 1A4
  • You can make your online donation at
  • Or you can contact us to inquire about how to donate through:
    • Bequests – gifts of a specific amount of money, property or particular asset through your will
    • Publicly traded shares and securities – and the tax effectiveness of donating through securities
    • Pledge donations – making a meaningful gift to support a cause over a given period of time. We value your loyalty.
    • Monthly donations – it’s easy!


  • Your very own fundraiser!

You can also decide to give as a Governor! Our Governor program is very crucial to our mission. By donating $250 or more, you are given the title of Governor of the Montreal General Hospital, where your name will be displayed in our annual Governor booklet highlighting all those who have graciously donated in that given year. You will also be sent special invitations to events of the Montreal General Hospital.

Your support is truly appreciated!