Your generosity inspires us every year

We are lucky. At every turn in our five decades, we have been bolstered by our generous donors, partners, volunteers, Board of Directors, and a devoted team. As we continue to evolve, your philanthropy allows us to invest in teams of clinicians and researchers who shape the future of medicine and fund healthcare innovation and excellence.

As we forge ahead, our renewed mission is to:

Inspire the philanthropic community to invest in transformative initiatives, conceived and guided by our medical leaders, which have a significant impact on patient lives.

In doing so, we advance the pioneering spirit of the Montreal General Hospital, which joined forces with McGill University to form Canada’s first teaching hospital.

Working in collaboration with you and the other partners in our network extends our reach to have a positive impact on healthcare not only in our city, but province-wide.

You have our deepest gratitude.

Stephanie Riddell, President & CEO

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Your Impact in Numbers


In a year defined by big changes for the Foundation, we have been able to count on your unwavering financial support. Your generosity is the lifeline of our growth and impact and reverberates in every program and research lab we support.

Sources of revenue

We are pleased to report that your continued support enabled us to raise close to $22M in total gifts this fiscal year. Your benevolence ensures that we keep pace with healthcare’s evolving landscape.

Support to healthcare

Integral to the growth of a resilient community healthcare system is strengthening its essential pillars. To that end, we provided $20M to prioritize the advancement of research, patient care, capital projects & equipment, and education & training.

Your donation dollars are directed where needed

Our administrative expenditures ratio of 18.3% is ranked among the lowest across hospital foundations. “100% of every donation received last year was spent to advance our mission of healthcare innovation and excellence. All of our administrative expenses were covered by investment income from prudent and nimble treasury management,” explains Julie Denis, Senior Vice-President, Finance & Administration of the MGH Foundation.

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The Future of Surgery: Putting patients first

Dr. Liane Feldman, Surgeon-in-Chief (MUHC)

The Future of Surgery is more than just a tagline, it is actually a 10-year plan led by Dr. Liane Feldman. Championing the principles of minimally invasive surgery, personalized patient care, and improved recovery times, it also embraces the accelerated integration of the latest AI-driven decision support tools with next-generation surgical robotics. All this adds up to substantial savings for an overburdened healthcare system. It is, as they say, a win-win situation.

One of the two new state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms.

As part of this plan, two new state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms are now fully functional. As all the equipment needed for diagnoses and decision-making is centralized in the same room, a completely redesigned surgical process was established, saving crucial minutes for patients. They also facilitate minimally invasive surgery and the use of robotic surgery. Financing for the modernization of these rooms was initially provided by the government, but the generous support of our donors took it to the next level by investing $2 million through our Foundation.

Also integral is the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program. This patient-centred initiative aims to maximize the benefits of surgery while minimizing its negative impact. ERAS is a multidisciplinary approach that actively involves all medical teams, such as surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nutritionists, physical therapists and psychologists, throughout the entire trajectory of care starting from the initial visit with the surgeon to a full and accelerated recovery. Thanks to Dr. Feldman’s exceptional work and the support of our generous donors, this comprehensive program is being deployed in 80 facilities throughout the Quebec healthcare system.

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Together Against Cancer: A collaboration between two foundations

Stronger together. That was the guiding principle that mobilized the Cedars Cancer Foundation and the Montreal General Hospital Foundation to team up to fight cancer and launch a major fundraising campaign, with a goal of $100 million. Cancer remains the leading cause of death in Canada and is the catalyst behind this ambitious fundraising campaign.

Our three-pronged approach of supporting equitable access to the best oncology care and services, funding research and innovation and offering personalized care is critical to this life-saving work.

Some projects prioritized in this campaign are combatting healthcare inequality by including referring hospitals outside Montreal in clinical trials, testing therapeutic strategies to stop cancer metastasis, and furthering the Precision Oncology Platform.

We face unprecedented times in healthcare with new challenges coupled with the expanding options from the world of AI and robotics. Our partnership helps streamline efforts drive enhanced care and accelerate new treatment options.

Collectively, we can make a big difference. Please join us and give the best you can.

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Standing on the shoulders of a giant

From left to right: Serge Savard, Dr. David Mulder, Stephanie Riddell and Geoff Molson. (Photo by Vitor Munhoz/Club de hockey Canadien)

Fortunately for us, Dr. David S. Mulder has always led a double life. Evidence of this was on full display as he took centre stage at an exclusive gala event at the Bell Centre to honour his illustrious 60-year career in the presence of the the 1993 Stanley Cup champions. Thoracic surgeon by day and Head Team Physician of the Montreal Canadiens by night, not to mention a staunch advocate for healthcare trauma reform, Dr. Mulder leaves behind a legacy that includes the Dr. David S. Mulder Trauma Centre where over 10,000 patients facing life-threatening medical conditions are treated every year.

The event raised an impressive $1.5 million for the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, the Serge Savard Fund of the Fondation de l’Université de Sherbrooke as well as the Emergency Centennial Fund for the Montreal Canadiens Alumni.

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Research Awards: Supporting our future leaders

One of the core values held by the MGH Foundation is giving life to new ideas, bold initiatives, and cross-disciplinary collaborations. To that end, 60 researchers were awarded a total of $1.6 million to further their innovative approaches to healthcare.

“Researchers are motivated to find clinical solutions that advance life-saving medical discoveries to transform patient outcomes and improve their quality of life,” affirms Dr. Rhian Touyz.

The evening also paid tribute to the exceptional career of Dr. Phil Gold. Walking the halls of the hospital as researcher, clinician, administrator, professor, and mentor for over 50 years, he has left an indelible mark on all who crossed his path. As he himself says, “I’ve had the ride of a lifetime, and I’m grateful for it.”

Congratulations to our recipients and thank you to our forward-thinking donors who made this possible.

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CLIP: New impact investment program

Newly launched, this program provides convertible loans to healthcare startups to facilitate the path of their early-stage innovations through development, testing, and commercialization. This is accomplished via the Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP) the startup biotechnology incubator within the MGH.

Startups can leverage our financing multiple times with government grants and funding programs, all while benefiting from resources at the CLIP and its ecosystem.

The MGH Foundation is the first in Quebec to offer these kinds of impact investments for healthcare startups. It is a new way to support innovations that have the potential to transform healthcare,” explains Alexander King, Vice-President, Development of the MGH Foundation.

Thank you to the National Bank, the John Dobson Foundation, the Birks Family Foundation, and other generous donors for this game-changing support.

Centre for Precision Psychiatry

Dr. Simon Ducharme

As the stigma surrounding mental health disorders slowly dissipates and people are more openly seeking help for their struggles, precision medicine has become increasingly recognized as an essential tool to improve the standard of care for patients. That is why Dr. Simon Ducharme and his team of researchers are collecting clinical evidence, biological markers, brain imaging and lifestyle factors to build a globally accessible biobank of data.

“The ultimate goal is to improve the diagnosis of specific conditions and formulate a personalized course of treatment for each person,” contends Dr. Ducharme. This collection of data will allow researchers to create definitive diagnostic criteria and build prediction models for the prognosis and treatment response for mental illness conditions. This would substantially reduce the trial-and-error approach currently in use.

Based on a campaign goal of $10 million, our Foundation has provided over $1 million thus far for this ambitious 10-year transformative project. This is thanks to the continued support of our donors whose contributions will improve so many lives in an impactful way.

Healthy living

It has been 18 months since the SAFE (Senior Adult Fitness Exercises) website was officially launched. This series of free exercise videos is a viable resource for seniors to improve their quality of life, help prevent falls and maintain their independence. Physical inactivity and reduced mobility render vulnerable seniors more susceptible to pain and injury.

“As our population steadily ages, exercise is a modifiable behaviour that can easily be incorporated in a senior’s daily life to combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Our gentle and joint-friendly programme boost strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance,” says Dr. José A. Morais who piloted the program.

The response to SAFE has been overwhelmingly positive. So far, over 170,000 seniors and their caregivers have logged on and started the program at safe-seniors.com and more than 48,000 people follow SAFE on Facebook. This success could not be possible without your support. Thank you again.


New Osler Auditorium: A place of honour

Flooding in 2021 destroyed this venerated hub of academic activity, but thankfully $1.2 million was invested in renovating the auditorium. While the Quebec government provided much of the funding, the MGH Foundation invested $500,000, of which our own medical community raised $275,000.

“Dr. Osler was a pillar of the scientific approach to medicine who laid the foundation for modern medicine. This auditorium carries on his vision of medical education and training. I am proud to it,” stated Dr. Marc Rodger, Physician-in-Chief, MUHC.

Drs Vidal Essebag and Atul Verma stand by their seats in the renovated Osler Auditorium.

Honour Your Star program

Previously known as the Étoile Code Vie recognition program, the inspiration behind it remains the same – for patients and their families to acknowledge the profound impact an MGH staff member had on their hospital stay. Improving a patient’s care experience through positive actions is so priceless when in a hospital setting.

Dr. Ahmed Aoude, orthopaedic surgeon and Star recipient.

Community Fundraisers: Raising funds and awareness

There are so many creative ways to give back directly to a clinic or department that may have been integral to your healthcare journey or that of a family member. Find one or create your own.

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Taking the Pulse: Now we’re talking

Our first two seasons of the Code Life Interviews proved to be quite successful. These conversations with clinicians, specialists, researchers as well as patients resonated with our audience because they provide insight and opinions into the latest innovations, challenges and approaches in healthcare, ones that our donors support. Complex topics are made approachable and communicated in a thoughtful way.

We are pleased to announce that we will soon launch season 3, now called Taking the Pulse, as part of our renewed mission and look.

In the interim, please visit us at takingthepulse.ca to discover or revisit podcasts that include such diverse topics as The Future of Surgery, Trauma Care in Northern Quebec, Innovative Mental Health Care, Irritable Bowel Disease, Equitable Access to Innovative Cancer Care and many more.

“Our Foundation is proud to showcase the exceptional work of our talented medical teams and their groundbreaking projects. We hope these interviews inspire our philanthropic community as much as they motivate us.” Sylvie Riendeau, Vice-President, Communications & Marketing of the MGH Foundation

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Planned giving: A thoughtful gift with lasting impact

A legacy gift is your way of creating a continuous ripple effect that has lasting impact in our community. For some people, the hospital has been their home away from home – the place where they received the right care at the right place at the right time. And it’s you, our donors, who are the heartbeat that keep it going and make all the difference. Through your planned giving contributions, we can continue to advance excellence in patient care and research towards the projects that are most meaningful to you.

Jane Edwards and her brother Eric, proud to carry on their father’s legacy.

At the outset, these designated gifts often reflect a personal experience, or the embodiment of your interests and passions. Such was the case for the Edwards family.

Desperately wanting to help his wife through the debilitating pain of severe migraines, Alan Edwards sought out Dr. Ron Melzack, renowned pain researcher at the MGH, many years ago. Through his fundraising efforts, the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit was created. Chronic pain is a complex challenge for patients and clinicians alike, and this Unit is a haven of support. “I am humbled when I think of my father’s legacy, and I am enormously proud of him. The MGH Foundation is a great partner, honouring our vision and walking with us every step of the way,” acknowledges his daughter, Jane Edwards.

To learn more about planned giving, please call us at 514-934-8230.

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A final word of acknowledgement and gratitude

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend our sincere gratitude to all our Governors and donors who have contributed transformational investments towards the everyday care of our patients as well as driven ground-breaking research and procured cutting-edge equipment.

We have entered a new era in healthcare, one that requires us to keep a foothold in the present while also championing a forward-thinking mindset. As such, we can support our medical leaders to develop and implement solutions to prevent, diagnose, and treat more effectively.  It is your donations that enable the Foundation to have such a profound impact and meet the current and future healthcare needs for our community.

To all our cherished volunteers who selflessly give of their time and effort, you have our deep-felt appreciation.

To all the staff who positively impacted a patient’s hospital journey and were acknowledged within our Honour Your Star Recognition Program and to those who honoured them with a donation gift, we are so grateful.