2019-2020 Annual Report

An Exceptional Year

Our fiscal year ended in the midst of a pandemic; yet with each unanswered question has come the chance to expand our knowledge. While some may see obstacles on the road ahead, the past few months have shown us that here at the Montreal General Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), our medical teams see new opportunities and new avenues to explore.

From the onset of the crisis, our teams have shown themselves to be both resilient and creative, finding concrete solutions on multiple fronts to problems thrown at them by a life‑threatening virus. This pursuit of knowledge and excellence is at the heart of the hospital’s very identity, and we could not be prouder.

These are values that we share with our community, our partners and our generous donors. Once again, so many of you believed in our priority initiatives and offered your support. Like us, you adapted your philanthropy to meet the MGH’s most urgent needs, whether by funding research, paying for equipment or simply providing a comforting meal for our teams on the front lines.

But let us set aside COVID‑19 for a moment to celebrate the banner year that preceded it. Before this upheaval, we were already experiencing unprecedented times. From April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020, we raised $28.3 million in donations for a total income of $34.4 million including investment income, setting a new record for the MGH Foundation.

Now, as we enter the second half of our CODE LiFE Campaign, we are confident that we will reach our $100 million target to support our MGH‑MUHC medical teams as they strive for excellence in patient care, research and medical training.

In November 2019, we were thrilled to announce that since the launch of our Campaign we had raised a total of $17 million to fight lung, esophageal and stomach cancers. This considerable amount will allow Dr. Lorenzo Ferri and his team at the centre of excellence in Thoracic Surgery, to pursue innovative research projects and provide their patients with increasingly personalized care.

Though we cannot predict exactly what the coming months will bring, two things are certain: our medical teams will still be there watching over our community, and our foundation will do the same, thanks to the support of our generous and loyal donors.

Thank you for your continued trust and for allowing us to spend another wonderful year carrying out our mission to provide vital support for vital care!


Richard Cherney, Chairman of the Board
Jean-Guy Gourdeau, President and CEO

CODE LiFE Campaign

We launched our CODE LiFE campaign in October 2018 with the goal of raising $100 million in three years for vital care at the Montreal General Hospital, the MUHC, and within the McGill University health network.

Just over 18 months later, we are proud to announce that we have reached over 80% of our goal. The home stretch of a campaign is never easy, but we are confident that we will meet our goal, thanks to your generosity and that of our partners.

We cannot look back on our accomplishments from the past year without acknowledging the essential contributions of our more than 7,000 donors, and especially of our generous Governors.

To all of you: THANK YOU!

Trauma and Intensive Care

The MGH’s Dr. David S. Mulder Trauma Centre is one of the few trauma centres specializing in treating adult patients. Only three centres in all of Quebec share its level of expertise and treat patients with the most complex and serious injuries.

Your donations help us to support the Trauma Centre as well as initiatives like the ICU Diary Project that go beyond the health care system’s standard services to make a real difference in the lives and recoveries of our patients.


In the early days of the crisis, our teams worked hard to launch the Code Life Ventilator Challenge in collaboration with the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI‑MUHC).

Offering a prize of $200,000, our goal was simple yet important: collect the best ideas from all over the world to design life‑saving ventilators.

Mental Health Mission

About one in five people will struggle with mental illness in their lifetime. Given the unprecedented situation caused by COVID‑19, as well as its effects on both medical professionals and the public at large, it is not unreasonable to think that this number will now grow even higher.


Governors are essential to the mission of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation. Some have been donors for more than 10, 25 and even 50 years! Your loyalty and your great generosity allow us to collectively support life-saving care and to invest in medical innovation, for the benefit of the entire community.