Live-saving Technology for Heart Arrhythmias: CardioInsight Mapping Vest

Dr. Martin Bernier of the Montreal General Hospital, standing next to a man in a gurney wearing the CardioInsight mapping vest for arrhythmias. Next to them is another man looking at data on a computer screen.
Dr. Martin Bernier next to a patient wearing the mapping vest.

Arrhythmias are irregularities in the heart’s rhythm that create extra or missed heartbeats. This type of heart disease can lead to complications such as palpitations, stroke, and even death. Patients are treated with medication or minimally invasive surgery to stop the electrical impulses that cause irregular heart rhythms. 

However, some patients are not good candidates for even these minimally invasive techniques. That is why the departments of Electrophysiology and Radiation Oncology at the Montreal General Hospital are conducting research with a new noninvasive therapy.  

The CardioInsight™ Mapping Vest is a multi-electrode vest that gathers cardiac signals. The accompanying system combines these with CT scan data to produce 3-D cardiac maps, without requiring any incisions. patients can then receive precisely targeted radiation. 

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation is proud to support the work of these talented practitioners and researchers by purchasing the first of these vests in Quebec, thanks to our generous donors. You, too, can support this cause.

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