Open The Doors To Osler Fundraising Campaign

The Osler Legacy

William Osler

Sir William Osler, one of the greatest and most influential physicians of all time, began his career in medical teaching in Montreal in 1874, shortly after graduating from McGill University. Osler held various senior positions at the Montreal General Hospital. Throughout his career, his innovative spirit established notable milestones in medical education that remain at the core of medical teaching today.

Osler revolutionized medicine in every way, from developing a new teaching approach, to publishing the famous Principles and Practice of Medicine. Devoted to the Montreal General Hospital, he was responsible for the hospital’s first published reports, which became a staple and foreshadowed the MGH’s future role as a leader in medical research in the country.

‘We all have many memories of being in the Osler Auditorium for grand rounds, visiting professors, teaching and meetings. The Auditorium represents the Osler legacy of clinical excellence and teaching that we are all proud of at the MGH.” – Dr. Liane Feldman, Osler Fellow, Surgeon-in-Chief, MUHC

Bring The New Osler Auditorium Back To Life

Osler Auditorium rendering

The Osler Auditorium at the MGH perpetuates Sir William Osler’s legacy and his vision for medical innovation, knowledge-exchange and teaching. Further to a flood which closed the Osler Auditorium last November 2021, the MUHC and the Montreal General Hospital Foundation are joining forces to renew this important space.

$1.2 Million is being invested to renovate the Auditorium so that it can once again host Grand Rounds, symposia, conferences and other events which continues William Osler’s legacy.   While Quebec’s Infrastructure Conservation Investment Program provides for some of the renovation fund, the MGH Foundation is seeking the support of our medical community to raise $500,000 to bring the new Osler Auditorium back to life.

The new Osler Auditorium will be inaugurated in spring 2023, with 148 seats and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. The new space will give the community a much-needed area to meet, learn, teach, share and welcome guests from around the world!

Recognition – All donations are welcome!

This campaign ensures Osler’s legacy of medical innovation and learning.

Dr. Osler was a pillar of the scientific approach to medicine who laid the foundation for modern medicine. I am proud to support the redevelopment of the Osler Auditorium and ensure ongoing recognition of Dr. Osler’s place in McGill and MGH’s rich history.” Dr. Marc Rodger, Physician-in-Chief, MUHC

Here’s how you can support the Open the Doors to Osler Campaign:

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