Tribute to Dr. Mulder and the 1993 Stanley Cup Champions: Over $1.5M raised!

Dr. David S. Mulder surrounded by his loved ones and the Stanley Cup on November 9, 2023.

MONTREAL (November 9, 2023) It is with pride and enthusiasm that the Montreal Canadiens’ family and the Montreal General Hospital Foundation joined forces to honour Dr. David S. Mulder and the 1993 Stanley Cup champions at a grand event held at the Bell Centre tonight.

The evening was an opportunity to celebrate Dr. Mulder’s distinguished career at the Montreal General Hospital and his 60 years with the Club, including 24 years as Head Team Physician. Inspired by the celebration of Dr. Mulder’s career and the community involvement of our organizations, this unique fundraising gala raised more than $1.5M. The funds raised will be allocated to the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, the Serge Savard Fund of the Fondation de l’Université de Sherbrooke and the Emergency Centennial Fund for the Montreal Canadiens Alumni.

“I am delighted to see the business, sports and philanthropic communities come together to celebrate Dr. Mulder’s illustrious career and, by the same token, pay tribute to our 1993 Stanley Cup champions for what remains an unforgettable moment in franchise history” said Owner, President and CEO of Groupe CH and Honorary Chair of the event, Geoff Molson. “It’s a privilege for us to host this celebratory event at the Bell Centre, which has made it possible to donate $1.5 million to charities near and dear to all of us. I would like to extend my gratitude to all the donors and our honorary committee that played a key role in the success of this evening. Last, but certainly not least, I salute the truly exceptional career of Dr. Mulder, who dedicated much of his life to our team and our players.”

Beyond the game of hockey

Dr. Mulder’s legacy extends beyond the rink. His key role in establishing the trauma network in Quebec in 1993 was exemplary. The Dr. David S. Mulder Trauma Center is a testament to its great impact on health care. The funds raised on this occasion will allow us to invest in a whole new generation of scientists who are following in Dr. Mulder’s footsteps,” said Stephanie Riddell, President and CEO of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation.

Heal, Help, Win

“The relationship that has united the Montreal General Hospital and the Canadiens for more than a century has positioned us at the forefront of medical care for elite athletes and the entire population. While the Montreal General Hospital provides life-saving care, the Canadiens organization is giving back a hundredfold by supporting a number of new projects. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Canadiens throughout my career and it is an honour to support the next generation of physicians to push the boundaries of medicine for the benefit of all,” said Dr. David S. Mulder. 

The event was also the ideal opportunity to salute the achievements of the 1993 Stanley Cup champions as this year marks the 30th anniversary of this historic moment! It was in a festive atmosphere that some of the greatest Canadiens fans had the chance to meet some of these star players and celebrate their remarkable triumph.

Hand in hand to victory

Serge Savard, General Manager of the 1993 Montreal Canadiens’ championship team, took the opportunity to emphasize that success is always a team effort. This vital collaboration also unites the organizations that were involved in this event.

“A leader first leads by example; he sacrifices himself for his team. And it takes several of them to achieve success. It takes 20.” Serge Savard, General Manager of the 1993 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup champions.

In addition to this evening, an online silent auction, open to the public, also took place from November 1 to 9, to the enjoyment of hockey fans, who took advantage of this opportunity to purchase, among others, items autographed by the legendary players of the 1993 team.

MONTREAL, Quebec – NOVEMBER 9:Gala Dr. Mulder at the Bell Centre on November 9, 2023 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Vitor Munhoz/Club de hockey Canadien)

About the participating entities

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The mission of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation is to provide vital support for life-saving care at the Montreal General Hospital, the McGill University Health Centre and, more generally, within the McGill University Health Network. We support concrete initiatives to support excellence and innovation in health care to transform the lives of patients, now and in the future. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we invest strategically to fund critical research projects, state-of-the-art equipment, and transformative clinical programs.

The Serge Savard Fund

Combining university studies with high-level sport is a major challenge. That’s why, in 2019, Serge Savard created the largest fund in the history of the Université de Sherbrooke dedicated to helping Vert & Or student-athletes. The Fund allows student-athletes to commit themselves and focus their energies on surpassing themselves both in their education and in their sport. In 2022 alone, $400,000 was awarded in the form of scholarships.

The Centennial Emergency Fund

Created as part of the celebrations surrounding the Montreal Canadiens 100th anniversary, the Centennial Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to former Montreal Canadiens players facing difficulties that threaten or compromise their health and well-being. The funding available helps cover the costs of fundamental needs such as basic living expenses and urgent health care. The Fund also ensures that members of the Canadiens Alumni have access to other resources to complement the assistance offered or to meet longer-term needs.

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