Clinical Innovation Platform

The Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP) is a new and unique asset for the Montreal start-up and innovation ecosystem. It is an incubator with co-working space, incorporating wet and dry labs, at the heart of the Montreal General Hospital, a tertiary and quaternary level teaching hospital.

CLIP is the only incubator of its kind in Canada.

CLIP is fed by a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary Masters in Clinical Innovation program involving students from Concordia, McGill and ETS universities. Computer science, engineering, business and medical students, working together in a hospital setting to identify problems and opportunities to improve healthcare through innovation.

The Master’s program has already had some success, with six spin-offs to date.

The CLIP will serve Montreal as a unique resource where early-stage healthcare innovations can be developed, tested and commercialized.

It has been gaining momentum:

  • The Master’s Program won the top competitive grant in Canada from the National Science and Engineering Research Council’s CREATE program.
  • The Platform won grants from the Canada Strategic Investment Fund and the Canada Fund for Innovation to redevelop 9th Floor of C-Wing at the MGH.

If you wish to learn more about the CLIP or to participate in the incubator, please contact:

Dr. Jake Barralet
Alan Thompson Chair in Surgical Research,
Vice Chair (Research), Department of Surgery,
Associate Director RIMUHC Injury Repair and Recovery program,
Research Director Division of Orthopaedics.

Dr. Gerald Fried
Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery
McGill University
McGill University Health Centre