PHARMAPRIX AIMEZ.VOUS. Course pour les Femmes

We invite you to join us on June 15, 2019 to help support mental health programs for women at the Montreal General Hospital. Over 1,000 women, men and children will participate in a scenic 5K Walk /Run, 10K Run, or our Little Steps 1K run for kids.

Event: PHARMAPRIX AIMEZ.VOUS. Course pour les Femmes
June 15, 2019
Parc Maisonneuve

Last year the run raised an incredible $211,898 for our women’s mental health services. Once again this year, help us support programs and initiatives for women, right here in Montreal.

Listen to Andrea’s story

This year we are aiming to raise even more funds to support four very important projects:

1- Early prevention and detection of perinatal and postpartum depression for women and their partners using a variety of methods such as genetic screening, online tools and studies of socio-environmental factors.

2- Research, medical resources and specific tools to better help and support women with Borderline personality disorder (BPD) and to facilitate earlier access to appropriate effective treatment.

3- New research project using Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) to treat anxiety disorders such as post- traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorders, two conditions affecting mostly women.

4- Research project studying the development of psychological distress, anxiety and depression among women living with HIV, in order to develop evidence-based intervention, to improve their well-being and their quality of life.

Research has demonstrated the therapeutic benefit of exercise in women’s mental health, which is why the Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the Mental Health Mission are thrilled to be partnering with Pharmaprix for the Course pour les Femmes PHARMAPRIX. AIMEZ. VOUS.

By running, walking, making a pledge or volunteering, together we will increase awareness for women’s mental health, expand our pioneering programs, and celebrate the body, mind, and spirit of women in our community.

To register as a single runner or walker, to start a team, join a team or volunteer, please click here!

Please make sure to register before midnight on June 10.