Soirée en or

Text on black background: Soirée en or, June 7, 2023, Ritz Carlton

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation is pleased to introduce its traditional annual event “Soirée en Or”, which will be held on June 7, 2023 at the prestigious Ritz Hotel in Montreal. 

The event will bring together the Foundation’s faithful long-time donors and partners in support of a cause that is close to our hearts: the research and care of patients with lung, stomach and esophageal cancers. These types of cancers are among the most deadly, with a survival rate of less than 20% after 5 years. Therefore, the Division of Thoracic Surgery at the Montreal General Hospital, headed by Dr. Ferri, is working tirelessly to improve treatment and increase the chances of survival for patients with these types of cancer. 

Profits from “Soirée en Or” will help support research projects and care for patients with these cancers. The Montreal General Hospital’s Division of Thoracic Surgery has the largest esophageal cancer program in Canada and one of the largest lung cancer programs in the country. Thanks to the generosity and continued support of our community, the team would be able to continue its research projects and offer personalized treatments to increase the chances of survival for its patients, while limiting their suffering. 

Thanks to everyone in the community who supported the cause. In particular we would like to thank: Aune Foundation, Elina and Giuseppe Borsellino Family Foundation, BMO, Jane Siblin & Alan Brandman, Cedars Cancer Foundation, Cassandra & Michael Cinquino, Sherry Ellen, Energy Transportation Group, Gencor Construction, Gewurz Family Foundation, Anneliese & Johannes Kau, Ingrid & Hans Kau, Marlene & Joel King, Nan & Bill Lassner, Lorenco Steel, Groupe Loyal Express, Marina & Dario Mazzarello, Mary & Peter McBride, Olymbec Investments, Pembroke Private Wealth Management Ltd., Antonella Argento & Dario Pietranatonio, Placements Montrusco Bolton, Linda Ricci and Family, Cheryl & Michael Richards, Anna Marino & John Sauter, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Nova Steel, Vivian & Howard Stotland, and Evelyn Wajcer & Lawrence Vatch.