Prevention and Early Intervention in Psychosis Program

Psychosis is a serious but treatable medical condition which causes significant distress and disorientation to the person experiencing it and to their families. It tends to emerge during adolescence and young adulthood and affects 3.5% of the population, both male and female. But there is hope. Early and effective treatment can change the course of the illness and prevent deterioration.

The MUHC’s Prevention and Early Intervention in Psychosis (PEPP) Program, led by Dr. Howard Margolese, offers community-based, tertiary care and treatment for people between 16-35 years of age, who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis. The Program provides patients and their families with quick and easy access to treatment and supports the recovery process through collaboration between patients, families and the PEPP-MUHC team.

Major Support from the RBC Foundation

The PEPP Program was the recipient in September 2019 of a three-year grant from the RBC Foundation, totaling $450,000.

This donation from the RBC Foundation will help the PEPP team to

• develop a peer-to-peer support program,

• further develop their outreach and education on psychosis in CEGEP’s and Universities and with referral partners,

• give more PEPP patients access to proven therapies to aid in their recovery process.

THANK YOU to the RBC Foundation for allowing us to support the mental health of young adults through this partnership.

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