Giving, Rather Than Receiving

This year, many of us will have to settle once again for a virtual birthday. Videoconferences with family or friends are an increasingly popular way of celebrating important dates, but another formula is also possible: donating your birthday.

You can do this through our platform: action.codevie.ca.

Take Action!

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation has set up the Action Code Life platform which allows you to organize an individual fundraising event – on the day of your birthday, for example. The premise is simple: you set a personal fundraising goal, then, you invite your friends and family to support the cause you have chosen. What a great way to give rather than receive on your birthday!

With or without a celebration, action.codevie.ca gives you the chance to support the medical teams and programs that are dear to you – at any time!  You can also organize a group fundraiser and invite your friends and family to raise funds too!

Having been the victim of a serious hockey accident in his youth, John Feifer chose to support critical care for traumatic brain injuries through Action Code Life. We invite you to make a donation to his fundraiser or use it as inspiration to create your own!



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