Code Life Ventilator Challenge: Thanks to the 2,600 Participants Who Answered the Call!

Submissions for the Code Life Ventilator Challenge closed on March 31.

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center are honoured to announce that an unexpected number of applications and projects were received. Now more than ever, we are convinced that the solutions we offer can make a tangible difference in the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19 worldwide.

Key figures:

We sincerely wish to thank all the stakeholders who have helped us launch this initiative and all those who have contacted us over the course of this challenge to offer their support: Media, Subject Matter Experts, Technical Experts, Manufacturers, etc. It is not too late if you still wish to get involved. We welcome your expertise (manufacturing, technical or other) here: www.agorize.com/challenges/code-life-challenge

A special thank you goes out to our partners: The National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Dassault Systems, Fasken, AON 3D and the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University.

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation also wishes to applaud the generosity of all the donors who made this initiative possible. Thank you!

What happens next?

April 1-5: The challenge Advisory Panel will select between 5 to 10 projects to move on to the next phase. More specifically, the judges will evaluate which of the submissions are most likely to be of lower cost, higher quality, greater reliability, greater ease of production, greater ease of use, greater modularity/repairability, uncompromised safety, and aesthetics.

April 15: We will announce the 3 winning projects. *Update 04/15/2020: Prototypes are arriving to our lab this week. In the coming days, all selected prototypes will be tested by our panel of experts, and the finalists will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

End of April: The top projects will be made available on the challenge website for public download. The ranking of the 3 winners will be based on: ease of manufacturing, adherence to compliance specifications and usage of the designs globally.

$200,000 CAD is currently available for the Code Life Ventilator Challenge winners.

Review the challenge rules.

The Code Life Ventilator Challenge is a 2-week sprint to collect the best ideas from anywhere in the world to create or design life-saving ventilators. It’s a joint initiative between the Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the RI-MUHC.

We would also like to thank media outlets such as CBC, The Globe & Mail and The New Yorker, who covered and are still covering the Challenge, allowing us to reach more participants and to raise money.

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