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Ultra-Specialized Care


It may seem hard to believe but, as recently as the early 1990s, the mortality rate of people entering hospitals in Quebec with traumatic injuries hovered around 50%, meaning half the people who made it to an emergency room with a life-threatening injury didn’t make it home. Since the establishment of Quebec’s province-wide trauma system …

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Mental Health Mission

The Montreal General Hospital (MGH) has a strong Mental Health Mission. The Psychiatry Department is responsible for treating some of the province’s most complex patient cases, and receives around 50,000 outpatient visits and around 500 inpatients annually. The MGH is home to both the Adult Psychiatry Emergency Service and the Psychiatric Inpatient Service for the …

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Thoracic Surgery

The McGill Thoracic Surgery program based at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) is the only program to have attained the Minister of Health’s Level 4 designation for Lung Cancer, indicating that it offers the highest standards of integrated patient care, research, and education in Quebec. This program also demonstrates a high level of innovation, including …

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The Division of Orthopaedics at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) is known as a leader in the treatment of spine, trauma, tumor, arthroplasty and sports surgery. Many critical orthopaedic patients are referred to the MGH because of the extensive expertise of the staff at the Orthopaedics department. On average, 150 to 200 new consults are …

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At the forefront of endoscopic advancements, this division offers a largely research based academic environment. The MGH’s Gastrointestinal Division is unique for its inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) program. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre of Excellence IBD, comprised of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, is the most common disabling chronic bowel illness. The incidence is increasing and …

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Other Specialties

Many programs at the Montreal General Hospital have distinguished themselves through the quality of their work and their spirit of innovation. The MGH is home to a variety of specialized departments and clinics, meeting the need for accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge treatment protocols. A good example of this concerted effort is the Rapid Access Unit …

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